The Mo'Bluz Band - Keepin' the LIFE in live music.

"Keepin' the LIFE in live music."

Meet the Mo'Bluz Band

David Trueblood Dennis (Mo' Bluz) Hoffman Vanessa Valentine
David Trueblood, Dennis (Mo Bluz) Hoffman, and Vanessa Valentine - The Mo'Bluz Band

With years of experience playing solo and in other bands doing cover tunes, Dennis (Mo Bluz) Hoffman reached the point where he wanted to perform the music he wrote and enjoyed - Blues and R & B. The Mo'Bluz Band became a reality in 2008 when Dennis started the band to showcase his original music. (read Dennis Hoffman's Bio)

David Trueblood is a very talented drummer and vocalist, who started drumming when he was only twelve. He has played and sang with the Outlaws, Diamondback, Christine Black and the Renegades, Octane 420, Santa Fe and more. David says, "I met Dennis when he was hosting an open mic at a local club. Little did I know that would open up a new chapter in my life." (read David Trueblood's Bio)

Vanessa Valentine also struck up a friendship with Dennis through local open mics. She is a talented musician who plays a wide variety of instruments. Tenor and Baritone saxophones,tambourine, multiple percussion instruments are some of them. She is now a proud member of The MoBluz Band performing with the bass guitar, tambourine, multiple percussion instruments and back-up vocals. (read Vanessa Valentine's Bio)

Guest members and performers for the Mo'Bluz Band: John Wick - rhythm and lead guitar, Che' Schaeffer - rhythm guitar, and Charlie Stavro - bass and vocals.

John Wick - rhythm and lead guitar Che' Schaeffer - rhythm guitar Charlie Stavro - bass and vocals

The Mo'Bluz Band is located in the Temple, TX area. They are bringing Central Texas the best in live blues and "Keepin' the LIFE in live music"! Get more information on booking the band or e-mail your questions.

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The CD, "Every Hue of Blue" or individual cuts are available online.

Every Hue of Blue, CD by Mo'Bluz & Friends

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